Exciting Adventure to Look Out for in UAE

Visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE means a lot in many ways. When it comes to excitement and thrill, then you can get involved in plenty of activities in both the cities. There are many tourists’ hotspots that are flooded with numerous people especially during the holiday season in the summer and the winter.

The morning desert safari is the preferred choice for many to enjoy the camel ride, sand boarding and dune bashing in the beautiful deserts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A desert safari is truly a lifetime experience to get mesmerized by the golden sand around the oasis. Different tour operators cater for the safari trips and provide different options that compliment with the budget as well.

For those who do not have time in the night, a desert safari is the most exciting option indeed. It begins at 9 am where the Desert Safari Company will pick up from the hotel and then drive to the desert spot to start away the adventure. Besides the car ride on the undulating sand dunes, there is a camel ride to enjoy that can be photographed in the traditional costume.

Different live shows of dance and music can be enjoyed that are performed by the professional artists as you sip your coffee or tea. If your wife or daughter is interested in henna painting, it can be done for them too. Then, there is the famous ‘Tandoori’ show and the belly dance which is unique and colorful. Moreover, puppet shows and a folk dance is also arranged that you can get entertained with as well.

A few more features

It is your choice to enjoy a drink for an extra expense from the bar. Then, if you feel like eating, you either buy a vegetarian or non-vegetarian food with barbecue. There is an unlimited supply of cold drinks and water. For additional excitement, you can pay to enjoy quad biking and go for sand boarding too.

Tips to make a desert safari enjoyable and safe

1. Four-wheel Drive: Always choose a four by four vehicle that is fully equipped with the essential features and safety mechanisms.

2. Experienced Driver: do check for the experience of the driver of your vehicle. So that you do not get lost in the desert and are able to enjoy all the features and the places during the adventure.

3. Communication: You should keep in touch with the driver and others too through phone.

The morning desert safari is mostly a 2-hour trip in a package in the desert. A typical package requires at least 3 people. The seats are not pre-located on the vehicle and therefore, the seats are accommodated on a first come first served basis.

It should be noted that people with back problems, pregnant ladies, senior citizens having heart conditions are not advised for the Desert Safari Tour. In fact, children under 3 years of age cannot be taken as well.

So, a desert safari is a refreshing experience indeed. You will feel the heat of the desert and enjoy the trip.