Experience the Eternal Beauty of Kerala’s Mountains and Rainforest

The travelers can get the most adventurous journey through the roads of the rainforest and mountains. Kerala is the most dynamic place in the country. You can get equivalent astonishment of mountains, forests, rivers, and temples. Now you can know some valuable details of Mathikettan Shola Rainforest. The trekking tour in this national park would be a lifetime experience for the travelers. Eternal beauty and untouched corners of the forest will be explored with the best guides. The 5 days tour would make a dreamy impact in your life surely.

Days in the forest:

The total tour will be finished in 5 days. Yet, people can choose the span of spending their holidays in the rainforest. Generally, the travel agency can show the attractive tourist spots and most of the national park in these days. The 5 day tour including arrival and departure would make you overly happy.


The 12.82 km area of the national park is located at the Poopara village in Udumbanchola. The high peaks, falls, forest and eternal blank space can take you to the highest level of excitement.

1st day – after the arrival in the Poopara village, tourists can start with the 2640 m peek. Suryaneli is the second highest peak in the region. The grassland may draw the perfect introduction in your mind so that you can understand the rest of the tour. The hurdles of this grassland will provide amazing photographs to you.

2nd day – the 2nd day would start at very early in the morning. Tourists can see the sunrise from mountains of BL Ram. The guide will take you to the butterfly forest to see the sunrise behind the hills and if you arrived at that space in October or November, then you can see the mass migration of butterflies. The whistling thrush and unforgettable spectacles will take you to the ultimate level of exoticism. Here, the tourists can visit the culture Muduvans. This civilization is living in the upper mountains for centuries. They are the history of our country and this state. Therefore, the architectures, lifestyle and dance & music may give an exuberant day to you.

3rd day – you are in the center of the Maathikettan Shola park now. It is the time to move your eyes around because the oldest Asian elephants are beside you. They are watching every movement of the tourists always. You can feel that you are in the homes of the Elephants; therefore, you must be very careful about your activity. The elephants permit to drink the beauty, but without hampering their peace. Santanpara is famous for its Nilgiri Langurs and Elephants among the world.

4th day – the most adventurous and dangerous place of the rainforest tour is traveling from Santanpara to Chaturangapara. The tourists can’t get permission to cross the Santanpara check post without certified guides and proper equipment. It is one of the most challenging Trekking in India; because entire Tamil Nadu would be seen from the heights. At the last day, tourists can feel the excitement of a night in the forest.

5th day – on the last day, you will cross every part of the forest that you passed to reach the extreme point. This day would start at the morning. You can complete your breakfast at Chaturangapara and then start to reach the main city.