The Best Tents & How To Choose Them

Best does not always equate itself to a high price tag. The same is true when looking for the best tents. Buying a tent is not as easy as picking up a catalogue then buying the first tent that catches your eye. You’ll probably regret doing this when you find out that the one you bought is not fit for freezing conditions and you’re stuck in it freezing like a popsicle. Choosing the best tents for your needs takes a lot of considerations. There are different varieties of tents that can be used in different seasons. Don’t use the same tent you used for summer camping during winter. You’ll regret it. To choose the best tents, consider the following points.

The time of the year you’re going camping. Tents are classified into 3 types depending on what season they’re going to be used. All-season tents can be used year round, although they can’t stand up to very harsh winter conditions, not an option for a little winter campout. 3-season tents can be used year round as well and can withstand anything but the coldest of winters. 4-season tents are designed to be used in extremely cold climates.

Best Tents Considerations

Will the tent keep you dry? Make sure that the tent is made of waterproof material, not like those things that you can get at the army surplus store. Check the seams and the fly if they’re weatherproof. Rain water can easily find its way through shoddy stitching. Some tents also come with a rain fly for added rain proofing. The floor is very important as well. Water should not seep from under you. You can also spread a tarp on the floor for added protection. You don’t want to sleep on a wet bed right?

The ease of setting up. Choose a tent that can be pitched as easy and as quickly as possible. This will prove helpful just in case it rains all of a sudden. Another thing is you don’t want to spend 2 or 3 hours setting up an overly complicated contraption. After which you end up with something not even remotely resembling a tent. You have better things to do than that, like enjoying the outdoors, cooking your meals, swimming in the lake or just plain laying back.

Ventilation. Sleeping inside a tent on a hot summer night can be suffocating. Imagine sharing a balmy hot tent with 2 or 3 other people. That would not be a good experience. Make sure that your tents have opening on all sides, usually covered by mesh screens to keep the bugs out. You might also want to think about buying a tent fan, especially when camping at the height of summer.

Buying the best tents shouldn’t be that hard. Again, it doesn’t mean that just because you bought the most expensive one, you have the best. Just remember to consider the things mentioned above and you will have a fun, relaxing, and hassle free time while camping.