Charter a Yacht in Greece and Sail to the Romantic Island of Santorini

Santorini, in the Greek Cyclades Islands, is one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous. It’s famous for its nightlife (there are some really hot clubs where you can literally dance till dawn), the incredible sunsets and its volcanic black and red sand beaches.

Quick History of the Santorini Volcano

Around 1500 B.C., there the volcano on the ancient island of Strongili (now known as Santorini) erupted – and the eruption and subsequent lava flow changed the shape of the island forever.

However, it left the island with some unique features such as:

  • Red and black volcanic sand beaches
  • A crisp and delicious wine that has a one-of-a-kind mineral flavor, and
  • One of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. (Where else can you sit on the edge of a volcano and sip the local wine while watching the sun sink into the Aegean Sea and set it on fire

The Villages of Santorini

Santorini’s two main villages – Oia and Fira – are perched high on the caldera side of the island. (A caldera is a large crater caused by a violent eruption of a volcano.) The buildings in both villages are mostly that brilliant shade of white that Greece is known for, and many of the houses are built right into the cliffs themselves.

The beach towns Kamari, Perissa and Vlyhada are worth a visit, as they offer everything from peaceful isolation to wild parties that where you can dance till dawn (literally).

And to discover the ‘authentic’ Greek lifestyle, add Imerovigli, Firostefani and Pyrgos to your vacation itinerary, because of their rich history, simple pleasures and warm and welcoming locals.

Fira is the port town where most of the visiting cruise ships stop. So you may at first be disappointed by it’s touristy look and feel (and, especially in the summer months, when it’s hard to keep up with the tourists, it’s a little dirty.) But it’s also ‘the’ place to go for the hottest night spots on the island. If you want to go where the jet set goes, try the Enigma and Koo Clubs for loud techno or disco music, body to body dancers and plenty of alcohol!

When you’ve had enough of the party scene, check out Fira’s town square, where you’ll find little shops still open, and you can buy a pastry and a strong cup of Greek coffee!

The best places to watch the sunset

To see a truly spectacular sunset, I recommend the village of Oia (pronounced E-ah). It’s on the north side of Santorini and two of the best places to kick back, enjoy a drink and watch the sun go down are the Sun Spirit and Kastro.

During the day, Oia is a bit of a tourist trap as well – full of people from the cruise ships that come to see the views (which really are spectacular) and the sunsets. At nighttime however, it becomes a lovers’ paradise, and is a perfect place to enjoy the company of the one you love… Or, as the song says, ‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.’

Since you’re visiting Santorini from your own privately chartered yacht, you won’t need to worry about trying to book a hotel (which can be almost impossible during high tourist season, and very expensive to boot).

Where to eat on Santorini

But we do recommend having a romantic dinner at a table for two – try the delicious cuisine at Feredini’s if you’d like to sample contemporary Greek cuisine that takes advantage of the freshest local ingredients. Two other good restaurants are Ambrosia and Papagalos. If you’ve booked a yacht through Seapaths, your customer care representative can even make your dinner reservations for you, all you have to do is ask.

Romance, delicious food, wonderful wines and amazing sunsets – what more could you ask for? Santorini is one of the best destination choices for anyone who wants to charter a yacht in Greece and sail the Greek Cyclades Islands.