Best Ski Slopes in France for Beginners

Skiing is a wonderful sport and a very popular activity with both thrill seekers and those simply seeking to enjoy an invigorating and fun winter experience. The many different varieties of slopes to navigate and the sheer pleasure of speeding down the best ski slopes in the world are more than enough reasons to make a holiday like this so enjoyable.

If you’re planning on coming to France for a winter holiday, you’ll have plenty of choice – no matter what your level of skill. Beginner skiers don’t need to embark on a difficult slope immediately. There are many fantastic slopes for beginners, which will allow them to gauge their own skill and then determine how far they want to push their abilities. Those heading to France should check out the following slopes to make the experience of skiing for the first time an unforgettable one.

Les Arcs

The reason Les Arcs can claim to have some of the best ski slopes in France is because of its ability to cater to different levels of skiers – with something to offer everyone. For instance, first-time skiers will be able to appreciate Arc 1800, one of the villages in the resort with the most variety of slopes. Les Arcs also has beginner’s lift, which will be able to aid novices as they try the sport for the first time. Moreover, as beginners progress in their skill, they can choose a different slope to match from the wide range available in the resort.


Tignes has one of the highest altitudes in Europe, which means it offers not only fantastic views but also a wide range of terrains for beginners, amateurs, and experienced skiers. While many of the best ski slopes are targeted towards the advanced skiers, Tignes has a ski school in which first-timers, including family groups, can enrol and have fun learning the sport. There are also nursery slopes, which are generally wider, so beginners will feel more comfortable and relaxed when tackling the sport for the first time. Another appeal of Tignes is the women’s only course offered in the resort; lessons provide a more focused approach to teaching women how to ski, since there are certain differences between men and women when it comes to skiing – who knew? The courses are taught by experienced women instructors.

La Plagne

Perhaps the resort with the best ski slopes for first-timers is La Plagne in Paradiski. There are plenty of free lifts set up in the area for beginners and 62% of the slopes in the resort can be categorized as easy. Aside from the very easy slopes, La Plagne also has special slopes for slower skiers; these are perfect for those who want to try the sport but are a little concerned about picking up too much speed. Moreover, those who want to seriously want to learn how to perfect their skills can enrol in formal courses. There are several excellent schools within the resort, so holidaymakers can select a course they are most comfortable with and be whizzing down the slopes in no time.