Zell Am See: A Superb School Ski Trip Destination

Planning a school ski trip can be immensely exciting, with the finest skiing destinations to choose from and the prospect of taking your students on one of the most memorable events of their time at school. When choosing where to go, trip leaders need to assess the suitability of the resorts on offer for their group. Every group is different, and their ages and ability levels may have a bearing on the decision. But regardless of whether students have been skiing before or not, one of the most important factors is finding a fun and friendly destination that caters to young people as well as adults, while also being an interesting enough a place in its own right that time spent off the slopes will be just as rewarding as the skiing itself. For all of these factors, Zell am See in Austria is an excellent choice, with plenty of variety in its slopes and a picturesque town perfect for student-friendly après-ski activities. Read on to learn more about its highlights.

Skiing in Zell am See

The area around Zell am See is filled with exciting options for those who visit it while on a school ski trip. Surrounded by a horseshoe of mountains, the town provides access to several great skiing areas, including the nursery slopes in nearby Schüttdorf, the varied runs on Mt. Schmittenhöhe (the town’s ‘home’ mountain), and the adjacent glacier resort of Kaprun. One of the real advantages of skiing in this area is its flexibility. No matter what their experience or skill level, all students will be able to find something that suits them – from the gentle nursery slopes to the easy blue runs to trickier red runs, and more challenging black runs for the advanced skiers in the group.

Activities in Town

As well as the fantastic skiing, Zell am See has a great variety of fun activities on offer for young people. Its state of the art sports centre has an ice rink, pool, and bowling alley, any of which make the perfect way for students to spend an evening on their school ski trip before getting a good night’s rest. The town centre itself is also a good place for unwinding in, with shopping and plenty of cosy cafes.

History and Culture

Situated on the edge of the beautiful Lake Zell, Zell am See is an attractive town with plenty of history and more character than many ski resorts. It is especially good for educators hoping for a school ski trip to help to expand their students’ appreciation of global culture. The town’s history dates back centuries, from its days as a small market village to a thriving railway town and mountain resort. Its legacy as a skiing destination is more than a century old, as it hosted its first winter sports club in 1906. Attractions include St. Hippolyte’s Church, parts of which are the oldest known human constructions in the region, and the lakeside.