Interesting Activities in Ibiza for Children

Ibiza is a wonderful vacation destination. One can have a relaxing and fun-filled holidays with the whole family in Ibiza. If you are wondering what to do with children, there are a lot of fun and interesting activities to do. You can go for a picnic on the beach, enjoy off-road excursions and can explore caves, there are so many fun things to do in Ibiza, Spain.

Santa Eulalia Ferry

The best way to enjoy the beautiful Ibiza coastline is to take a ferry. Kids will love traveling on a boat. It is fun to travel around the island in style. When you travel on the Santa Eulalia ferry, you get a chance to stop at different places along the coast. Therefore, you can enjoy everything that this beautiful town has to offer.

You can also take the Aquabus ferry to Formentera which is the smallest of the Balearic Islands. It is a beautiful location not to be missed. You can enjoy breathtaking views and beaches.

Agumar Water Park Ibiza

This water park is the best place to go with your family. It is the largest water park in the town. If you want to enjoy the adventure, there are several white-knuckle slides such as the Kamikaze and the black hole. Younger children can safely take a dip in the kid’s pool.

Hippy markets

The hippy markets are the best attractions to visit with your family in Ibiza. Local artisans come to this market for selling handmade and second-hand items. There is a different variety of food, entertainment, and lots of other activities for kids. Children and adults can also learn about the traditional Ibiza culture. Punta Arabi is the oldest and biggest hippy market. More than 500 designers, artisans, and craftsmen come here to sell their beautiful creations. Live music and performances also take place from 2-4PM. The market has a kid’s area where children can make flower crowns, create their tees, and can get their face painted.

Cap Blanc Aquarium

This is another interesting place to visit in Ibiza with your kids. This aquarium is located in a large natural cave. There are five openings in the rock that allow seawater to flow freely in and out of the cave. Therefore, it is the perfect place for the animals living inside. Animals such as fish, octopus, rays, and more can be found here. There is also a turtle rehabilitation area where sea turtles are nursed back to health before being released back to the forest. Kids can enjoy while getting up close and personal with the animals found in the ocean.

Benirras Beach and the Sunday Drummers

August 18, is known as the “The Day of the Drums” in the history of the town because, on this day in 1991, drummers and other musicians descended upon Benirras Beach to protest the Gulf War. Following this event, drummers began to visit the beach in droves each evening especially on the anniversary of the event. A large crowd used to gather at the beach due to which the authorities have to ban the event. But, dedicated drummers still come to the beach every Sunday to play the drums before sunset. Thus, you can go early on Sundays to enjoy a picturesque view.