Plan Your Holiday For Paxos To Celebrate The Seclusion & Traverse The Nature!

Imagine yourself sitting aside a shingled beach, below the clear skyline in the serenity. It would be great to feel the pleasant ambience forgetting all the worries and everyone wishes for such a life for at least a week. If you are in the search of a tranquil place where you can relax and spend some time alone or with your beloved, then you must start planning for the trip to Paxos.

The idyllic island of Paxos is the smallest Ionian Island in Greece with olive grove surrounding, pebbles beaches, cypress trees, cliffs and coves. Its 10 by 4 kilometers periphery has ancient Greek settlement along with natural beauty. It is a tiny island, but you have a lot of things to explore here for a whole day. Just book a ticket for the Corfu and then take a ferry ride for this beautiful Island, because there is no airport. So, you will have to come by waterway. Make sure that you have no sea sickness.

About 2500 inhabitants, all have the houses in its three main harbor villages- Gaios, Loggos, and Lakka. The busiest one among these three is Gaios with some shops, restaurants and dozens of Tavernas. Loggos is another beautiful village with waterfront Tavernas, where you can enjoy the Greek meal. Lakka is also very beautiful with sheltered bay. Beaches in this village are a mix of pebbles and white sand.

If you want to give a pause to your life to relax and feel the peaceful ambience, then you can spend a whole month visiting a new beach every day. After all, the Island has 30 beaches to stroll across the east coast. However, some beaches can’t be discovered without taking a boat ride. The west coast is also accessible through boat only.

You can excurse the island by walking in the best way. However, hiking is also a good option to traverse the unspoilt beauty of this island. If you really admire the nature, then you must visit the Erimitis bay for watching the sunset.

If you want to move in the most tranquil part, then take a ride for the Antipaxos, where two secluded beaches to enjoy the solitude on top. You can also find centuries-old churches to discover the culture of ancient time. Museum is also there to show you the ancient tradition and culture with historical beauty.

If you want to go little adventurous, then take a drive to Kipiadi Beach and enjoy yachting at Paxos’ largest beach. You can enjoy the windsurfing at Mogonissi and have the lunch at waterfront Taverna. Monodendri has sun loungers, parasols, and pebbly cove with a few Tavernas, which makes this Island best for a promenade.

If you are a traveler by heart, then you will definitely love visiting the picturesque Trypitos. The breathtaking views and panoramic nature are all around here to capture in your camera and in memory forever. Well, to accommodate yourself, you need to find a villa apartment, which can fit in your budget and can also offer you the luxury and tranquility along with natural surroundings.